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How to remove white border?

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simply use the magic wand or select the pixels you want deleted... and delete them!

yes,if i delete the white pixels and save as jpg,it will still have white border.But i don't need the white border and wand to cut it.

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Try this:

Select the white border with the magic wand :MagicWandTool: (lower tolerance so you only select the border) then invert the selection with CTRL + I. Finally press CTRL + Shift + X to crop to the selection.

Save in your preferred format.

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I couldn't get the suggestions to work for me but after playing around with a couple of the commands mentioned, I found the solution for removing the white borders around pictures.

    Open a new Paint document

    Choose File, Open & select the picture you want to edit

    Choose Select (I used the rectangle option) and select only the part of the picture you want

    Then hit Control Shift X

    And Save it.


Hope this helps someone.




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