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My Favorite Quotations...

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"Even a few seconds of purely dead silence can be more powerful than thousands of words." :|

"You're always thinking that nobody loves you... You're not just looking around you..." :roll:

"These days, some people don't rely on God... They keep on losing their lives just to be rich... and keep on losing their riches just to be alive..." :(

"Don't ever say "I'm strong"... People will imply in their heads "It's okay if we hurt you"..." :?

"It's better to die and be free than to live and be in clutches..." :cry:

"Diamond is to friction... As life is to trials..." :cry:

"Life is like a bed of roses... just as you see it like a bed of nails..." :(

"If she will say "I don't dislike you"... Will you think that she LIKES you??" :oops:

These are some quotations that I received in text messages, comments on social networking sites, and e-mails.

Post your favorite quotations if you want... or comment on mine.

My first post... :D

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Rubrica, you're right. It's quite old, but it can be found here: viewtopic.php?f=17&t=4725&start=0

I guess we don't need this thread then...,

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