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Ok, think of it like this.

Say you have a white piece of paper, then you have a transparent piece of paper, like with overhead projectors, and you draw something on it. Then you place another on, and color it in.

This is what these image programs do. You can make a layer of an image, say the raven in my avatar.

Then I magic wand the raven, and fill it in with a pattern using photo flood fill of a texture of my pleasing. I can make that stay on top as a texture, OR I can change my layer's blending modes and have it blend in.

I guarantee you will learn it very fast. Also when you erase a little bit from a layer that has something under it, it will show the underlying layer.

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The layers aspect of graphic programmes totally baffled me to start.

The best thing is, is to play around with them, make them visible/invisible move them up and down, go to town with them really.

The more you play around with them, the more you will understand how they work.

They are fantastic for adding things to pictures, if you go wrong, you can delete that layer and start on another one.

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