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scanning and printing to exact scale

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PLEASE HELP! - I am trying to use paint.net to scan in A3 architectural plans, add text and colour, then print back out in A3. It performs all the functions but the print out is smaller than the original which is useless to me. Can someone please help? Thanks

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We have a very informative thread on how to install plugins, give it a shot - I'm sure it will help: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=2023

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Download the zipfile from Simon Brown's site.

Download it to your Desktop or Downloads folder.

Open the zip by left-clicking, left-click the folder

inside named Effects, and copy/paste all of the files

inside to your Files/Paint.NET/Effects folder.

Best to do this with Paint.NET closed.

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Thanks for your attempts to help but my paint.net main page looks exactly the same. What should be different? I've even tried emailing simon brown but his email address and web site don't work. I've followed instructions to install the plug in several times.

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Can you post a screenshot of the contents of your

Paint.Net/Effects folder, including the Windows Explorer

window showing the full path to the Effects folder?

How to post images:

How to Post Images



This is what should show when plugin is installed correctly.


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I managed (after a computer chap cleaned up the mess I'd made) to install the plug in. So I now have the tools > print+ add on. Trouble is it still doesn't print back out to scale. I can't see anything that might help except margins. Am I missing something?

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Two things come to mind on this.

1) Is area beyond the original paper edge being scanned into the image?

If so, some cropping may be needed.

2) My guess is setting margins to zero, and set to Landscape rather than


Also, be sure to change the paper size setting to A3, A4 is

the default setting.

Another possibility is a difference between the DPI (dots-per-inch)

of the scanner and the DPI setting of the printer.

May not be the case, and if so, is fixable.

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The A3 scanner seems to scan it at the right size. When I scan it into my pc then out again it is exactly right. When I try to use gimp, it will only print to A4. When I use paint.net it prints to A3 but about 5% too small.

Setting the margins to zero helps a little bit but still not to scale and it takes about 5 mins to print out because it will only print on 'fine' setting.

I'll try to look at the DPI but it's a scanner / copier (same machine) and, as I said, works OK without going through a programme.

I'm amazed this hasn't come up before and a fix been found.

Thanks for your time and help.

Any more ideas would be welcome. I wonder if Simon Brown's plug in could be modified to allow scaling adjustments............

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With the image up I go to image > canvas size then reduce the canvas to 96% (save as required) go to print, make sure all the settings are on A3, un-tick the 'fit to frame' and it prints perfectly!

Simple but effective.

Hope this is of benefit to others.

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