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first PDN attempt


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yes. trying to figure it all out.. still a p,c, virgin im afraid.

That's OK we've all been there at one time.

First of all, you need an image hosting service like photobucket or imageshack. It's pretty easy to set up an account with them. I use photobucket so here is a link to them. http://photobucket.com/?src=wap Once you have an account, set up an album or just upload your image and figure out the whole album thingie later. Once it's uploaded, then you need to click on the little links below the thumbnail of your image and copy and past them into your post. I would suggest using either the "IMG Thumb" or "IMG code" until you get used to it. Make sure your image is of the correct size to be posted on the forum (no larger than 800 X 600) or someone will ask you to resize it. If your image is larger, use the "IMG thumb" and the image will open in your photobucket. Let me know if you need anymore help. You can just send me a PM to make sure I see your message. Good luck, and welcome to the forum !


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