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Antialiasing text to specific background

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Sorry if this question is asked over and over.

I'vee been lurking around this forum for some time, trying to find the answer my self, but maybe i'm just too much of a newbee to know what to search for, so bear with me...

I'm very new to graphics software more complicated than MS paint, but i did read a good bunch of the tutorials around here, and i really like the program.

I want to make some text "buttons" for a web site. The text buttons are going to be placed on top of a greyish gradient. I want the image of the text to have a transperent background so my gradient show through it - i think :-)

What is the best way to make the text antialiased so it fits on a given color background ?



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Place your text on an otherwise transparent background (it will have the little checkerboard pattern - which denotes transparency). Note: CTRL + A and then Delete will erase the contents of a layer.

Here's the key bit: you need to save your image file in a format that supports transparency. GIF might do it, but is particularly coarse. For finer transparency support (think: antialiasing) choose the PNG filetype.

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