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This plug-in enables the plural threshold.


placing in "effect > Color"(changed 2012/03/10)

(It did not put it in the submenu because it used it several times at a time. )

Found directly in the Effects menu.



original photo by peasap



How to use

Hidden Content:
1.make a white layer under a photograph layer.


2.set the first threshold.

this set point is that you want to show detail point in where the color is dark .

if you want , increase the opacity level.

this case set the opacity to 69.


3.select the place where you want to show the details next.

And adjust the threshold.





if you adjust opacity , do all reset.

if you uncheck "Multi-threshold" , this photograph changes to black and white.

(you can not add threshold )


The name is excellent, but the contents are threshold itself. I did not whiten it.It is only it. :wink:




This is made by "CodeLab".

Thank you, BoltBait.


Edited by toe_head2001
Changed info about submenu
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Great tool!

Here's a tip for users to get cleaner edges:

- Add a layer below the layer you plan to run the effect on. Fill that layer with white.

- Run the effect.

- Shift-Select the white space on the layer that you ran the effect on. Delete all the white pixels.

- Run Basic Antialias.

- Then Flatten your image.


Take responsibility for your own intelligence. 😉 -Rick Brewster

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