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Moss tutorial

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This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it


Never thought I would be doing this, but here I go:

We will be making this:


Plugins needed:


Step 1:

Create a blank canvas 800x600

Step 2:

Run clouds with the Blend Mode set as Difference TWICE. Everything else can be default


Step 3:

Invert colors, and do levels with the right bar that is in the middle all the way down


Step 4:

Run Emboss with default settings


Step 5:

Do adjustments>Sepia


Step 6:

Add a layer :AddNewLayer: and run clouds twice with the Blend Mode set as Difference. Set the Layer Blend Mode to Overlay


Step 7

Run curves :Curves: with the settings shown below


There you go! You have your moss texture!

There are a few other things to do to make it look more... um... mossy, but I don't have time to go over them right now. I have a date tonight at 6:00 and I have to get ready


Thanks for reading!

As an extra step, you could Gaussian Blur the lower layer at a radius of 2 for an extra mossy effect


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