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Saved image doesn't show cropped close-up or is different

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I bet this these are questions that have come up before, because they've been happening to me ever since I first used Paint.net some 4 - 5 years ago.

There are two anomolies.....

I sell on eBay and take photos of items for sale. I use the photo editor to crop the pictures and also to reduce the size in the process - it takes a lifetime to upload a 12Mg photo onto eBay!

However, quite often, I find that the saved photo appears the same size as the original - it doesn't show the cropped close-up.

However, when I click on it, it does......

And there's a further related strange effect.

If I'm editing a whole series of photos, quite often the photo, when saved back on my computer, will show a different picture.

But again, when I click on it, the correct photo appears.

Usually the picture is the next one in the series - but not always.

Please can someone solve these problems for me.

PS In case anyone wonders why I haven't raised the matter before - well, it's like most things - you get used to it....! :( :?

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Sometimes - but not consistently......

At one time (probably when I first started using Paint.net) I seem to remember being offered that advice and I followed it - with (mainly) good results.

So, of late, I've taken to renaming all my images before I crop them....but to no general avail.

(What that has solved is that I now know the subject of a photo even if it shows up incorrectly!)

The problem isn't constant. Sometimes I can run through a whole batch (30-50 usually) of photos without any problem....but then last night, the problems both arose quite extensively.

I had 96 photos of about 25 items to edit and decided to rename them all. Having done so, I changed my view (this is all in Window Explorer), from thumbnails to details, so that I could relist them in alphabetical order.

I changed the view back to thumbnails and then opened the Paint.net editing tool.

Then when I opened the file, I found that the first two photos had changed themselves into another item from well down the batch. They were still named correctly but were dislayed wrongly.

When I brought them up for editing they were the right pictures....

Looking at my Explorer folder, this error was now evident there too.....

It had made me think that it was a Windows Explorer problem (rather than Paint.net) but it only happens when I edit photos.

I'm beginning to get confused myself.... :?


Hi Rick - Hmmmm - I'll have to look into that....

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If you are using XP, you can try this:

In the top menu:

Tools > Folder Options > View tab

Tick - "Show hidden files and folders

Remove checkmark from:

Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)

> Apply > OK.

You should now be able to see a file named - Thumbs.db

Delete the file.

This will force XP to rebuild the .db file next time that folder is opened.

Don't know if it will fix the embedded .jpg thumbnail issue.

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Thanks Sarkut

Tried that and something seems to work.

First time I reopened Paint.net the stored images remained the same size as the original....but only the first two.

Thereafter it behaved itself.

I couldn't find the thumbs.db file but instead there's a tick box - Do not cache thumbnails.

I ticked that and hoped!

Problem (at least temporarily) solved but I'll come back in a few days when I do another batch of pix, if the same problem arises.

Typically another problem came up - insufficient storage space. Had to stop editing.

Easy!!! :D

Simply close Paint.net and reopen it again. Storage emptied.....at least I think so!

Or at least I was able to proceed again without any problem....

Oh well........!!! :?

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