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File associations

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I just tried to open a TIFF file (extension .TIF), and was very surprised that my installed copy of Paint.NET 3.5.4 was not listed as a program that handled this kind of file. It actually opened fine from within Paint.NET, but it seems that the association is missing. Is this a problem with my installation or a bug in the installer?

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Paint.NET does not set itself up as the default image viewer, but the default editor. As long as you checked the appropriate boxes in the installer, that is. Right-click the image file and choose Edit.


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You haven't said what OS version you are using.

With Vista I did this, and .tif files now open in Paint.NET

by left-clicking.

Choose a TIFF file, then:

Right-click > Open with... > Choose default program...

Then select Paint.Net either by expanding the Other Programs option

or using Browse.

Check the box that says - "Always use the selected program to open

this kind of file".


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