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Installing Brushes

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I've been trying to install brushes for awhile now, but I still don't understand the lingo people are using in their tutorials.

Can someone link me to a noob-friendly brush installation tut?

I'm mostly having trouble understanding what it is I have to do in order to use my brushes.

I know you use deviantart to download them, but how can I get them into my paint.net program to use?

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-You have to download this plugin to use the brushes

CustomBrushesMini v1.9

Read the plugin's page to get some help if you like.

-Then go to "My Document" in your computer and find a folder with name "Paint.NET User Files", open it you will see a folder with name of "Custom Brushes", put all your brushes those you downloaded from Deviantart or somewhere else in this folder.

-Then open Paint.net and use the plugin above, you will see all your brushes there. :)

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