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Mayor Mcsteeze's Gallery! New Project Update! July 15th, 2011.


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This one looks the best out the halo ones

Thanks! I just set it as my current sig and i was to lazy to update my gallery or DeviantArt, I'll probably get around to it pretty soon. :lol:

When did you make that Mayor? It is the best looking one.

It just re-did the colors once again today during a break, glad you like it B)

so... how exactly did you add the color? boltbait.big_smile.pngboltbait.mrgreen.png

Took my old sig, (the purple-ish one) and converted it to B&W, set my primary to a green-ish color and opacity around 125, secondary is a light blue-ish color, around 120 opacity. New layer, Linear gradient with a little bit of tilt, duplicate, then set the blend mode to whatever looks good, (usually top one at about 50 opacity, for more of an accent, and the bottom one at around 80 opacity for the colors that stand out.)

For the blending modes of the colors, additive, Color Burn and Dodge, and Overlay seem to work best!

Hope this helps! B) B)

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I'm a bit confused - is the space image a render?

The mountains at the bottom are made in Terragen, (I forgot to say! B) ) while everything else is PDN.

Sorry for the confusion. :D

Love both images. The one with text is my favourite.

Thank you! :lol:

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