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Help and suggestions for transparent logo errors

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Hello! I am in process of creating a logo for our event and am creating a "transparent" logo to put on the header on our website..

However, the problem i am having is obvious! for starters,, i used the paint wand as instructed in other thread, and it left few speckles.. how can i get rid of it!!! This picture, i put it on the gray canvas (which is the color of the header thats goingto be on the website)...

Are there any suggestion i can improve the logo?/ I was thinking of removing all of the white background except for the areas that are in the eye, but it seems very complicated if i even put forth an attempt on doing that?? Any advice appreciated!


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Take your original image (before Magic Wand use),

and apply the Grim Color Reaper plugin effect set to white.

You can add the white back inside the eye afterward

by Paintbrushing white on a transparent layer below

the eye image layer that has had the white removed

by the plugin effect.

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On the left side near the top or bottom of this page

click on the Board Index link.

Follow links to the Plugin section.

Near the top of the first page in the plugin section

is the Plugin Index link.

Look under the first Hide tag.


Grim Color Reaper



What is left after using the plugin will be somewhat transparent,

so you may want to duplicate the layer a few times to bring its

opacity back up.

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