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When saving a GIF, don't make transparent areas white

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I know about the transparency threshold in the GIF save dialog. What I'm saying is that pixels above that value but not fully opaque shouldn't be made simply white. Instead, their transparency should be bumped up to 255, thus preserving the color.

For example: if a pixel has color RGBa(1, 2, 3, 200) it should be made into RGB(1, 2, 3), instead of RGB(255, 255, 255).

This would be incredibly useful in a number of cases, and I see no situation in which such a behavior would be unwanted. If you consider there are such situations, a checkbox in the GIF save dialog would be nice.

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As a workaround this might be OK.

Use the Posterize Alpha plugin effect with linked channels set to two.

Use the Transparency threshold slider to determine how much of the

partial Alpha areas are retained or discarded.

Follow up with Boltbait's Transparency plugin effect

set to maximum on the Opaque side.


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