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The BUG in the properties of the saved images.

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The current version of the program - Paint.NET version 3.5.4 (Final Release build 3.54.3708.31975)

I use the Russian version of the program. The program has a bug that appeared, I think, from the earliest versions 3.5.x.


when saving images in *.jpg and *.tif, in the properties of stored files incorrectly displays the name of the program!

Here's a screenshot.


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The fact is that instead of question marks "Paint.Net ?????? 3.5.5" should be the word "Paint.Net версия 3.5.5" (версия - version). We have to do a Russian translation as well as in English translation - "Paint.Net v3.5.5", instead of "версия" to "v". How do you think?

The problem occurs on multiple computers.

Attached screenshots: XP SP3 Russian language, Windows 7 Russian language


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EXIF.org - EXIF and related resources - Specificications check EXIF 2.1 and search for the Software tag.

If you were observant enough to check that specific tag, you would see that it only supports plain ASCII. It doesn't support any other character set or UTF-8 so the bit of russian text will always appear as question marks.

So there is no way to work around it afaics.


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