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Images from Paint.net and Paint blurry in video editor, why?

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Hi everybody.

When I have done a picture in Paint.net or Paint(that comes with WIndows) that looks perfect (sharp and good quality) and then try to put that in Windows Movie maker or Pinnacle and make them into a movie they look terrible. Blurry, pixly and low quality all over. It doesnt matter if I put in tif´s, jpg´s or gif, all look more or less the same. Have any of you had this problem?

The weird thing is that if I put photos in the video editor and make them into a movie they look perfect! Why!

They have the same size more or less 1200x800 and alike, so they are fairly big, at least the same as the photos. What is it in Movie Maker and Pinnacle that make them dislike Paint.net and Paint images so much?

There is some quality difference in the movies I can admit, the higher resolution the better the movie gets, the best Ive come up with so far was 1080HD, but it still changes the colors and resolution of the images somewhat. But a photo looks exactly the same!

This has been driving me nuts, anyone who can give me so input on the subject.

Thank you so much in advance!

Take care, C

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I use Pinnacle and I have never had any problems. What version are you using? I have made the mistake of using a too small of an image but even then it did not turn out as bad as you describe, just a little fuzzy. I would make the image the same size as your video output, at least that is what works for me. How do they look in the preview window as you are editing the video?


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