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Some practical suggestions for "Save As".

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1. It's better to provide an option to allow users to set the default "Save As" directory. Now, each time, I need to do sereral clicks to set the directory to Desktop (in Windows 7) to save pictures.

2. Also it's better to provide option to set default "Save As" format. Now, it stick to PNG, but people may want to save as the jpg format to save file size. This is useful when preparing pictures for forums which have file size limitation.

Please consider.

Best regards.

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1.) I believe that Windows Vista and Windows 7 you can set favorite places for Save and Open dialogs, making them easy to access.

I don't know how to do this in Windows 7, but I imagine it's the same process in Vista. First open up C:\Users\(Your Username)\Links. Then just place shortcuts in there to your favorite place. Next time you open a Save or Open dialog they should appear in the upper-left hand corner.

2.) There is no way to change the default save type right now. However, saving in .png will always give you better quality, and if you're worried about file size, you could try saving with the OptiPNG plugin which keeps the quality of .png while reducing file size.

Hope this helps. :wink:

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