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Clouds for a cylindrical-projection map?

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Hey there. Is there a plugin or an easy way to make the cloud tool generate an image that "wraps around" (I'm not sure of the right term). As you can see in this made-up map, everything looks fine until you try to "rotate" the world as seen here.

The map's supposed to be a cylindrical projection but cylindrical is hard to do because the normal cloud tool doesn't wrap around at all. The cheap way to fix this would be to not have a landmass that goes around the whole world, but that would be compensating for the limitations, not overcoming them.

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Layers > Rotate / Zoom

Set X Pan to 1.000

Place a checkmark at Preserve background.

Now the left and right edges will be a match with each other.

The seam will be in the middle of the canvas, it will need to be

edited so that it blends well.

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