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a hateful success with system restore.

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mggmmm, mmhhh, how to explain this ...it was so annoying as hell! please next time could you ask me before of do that ? you know man, I hate when softwares make changes on my precious pc without my consent! I know that your software is free but that does not mean that you have the right to modify our computers, you are not even my friend, so why do hateful things without my consent ?. :roll::roll::roll:

I will immediately to deactivate the system restore.

after all I will keep installed your software, I think its pretty nice. :|

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    [*:2dtyj1tq]Read the rules. This is a family friendly forum, and your language will not be tolerated.[*:2dtyj1tq]Most software installers create a system restore point. That's what system restore is for. Paint.NET's installer just happens to be nice enough to let you know what's going on during the install process.


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