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Perspective, Skew, Dent, Distort

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I'm looking for 4 options,




and Distort,

Skew is when you uniformly apply an Angle to the whole image, anchored at 2 sides. As seen in MsPaint.

\ \, / /,

Perspective will technically Compress one side of the image, giving the illusion of distance.

/ \ , \ /, <|, |>

Dent, Dent will permit you to grab a side, and yank it inward or out, breaking a previously straight side line, into 2 lines.

| <, > |

Distort, This will permit you to access one corner, and have it's 2 connecting sides angle inward toward where ever you drag that corner to.

| \, \ |

At the moment i Really need Distort. But the others are important too. what plugins should i grab????

I'm noob to Paint'Net but i' familiar with photoshop. Please assist and thank you so much :)

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Powerstretch might also be worth checking out.
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All of these are very nice,

Using a combination of these items, i think i'll be able to accomplish my goal. Thank you.

The one i forgot to mention was Warp,

Warp, To curve or sway a portion of image determined by a field of strength, by applying to it a directional force.

Power Stretch seems to do that just dandy. :)

There is one remaining question i have, I';ve heard it asked for a few times, so here is the most recent :P

Are there plugins that make:

Expand/Contract Selection,

and Feather Selection,

more simple//easy to use?

Presently i have to copy my selection to a new layer, Zoom(scale)/in-out, reselect, then return to my prior layer with the new selection.

Thats an inanely memory hungry procedure, and time consuming. It doesn't work well at all for feathering. and the Range slider for Zoom is not very precise. having only 100 units for scale, rather then floating point values we could type in.

I'm really hoping there are some in depth, detailed, or powerful patches to compensate for this lack.

Please let me know which you think is the best one, if there are many! :)



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