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Hand Written signatures in word documents - What do I do??

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Okay it worked! Yea !

I'm wondering if I couldn't have just made the background transparent instead of going thru all this. Basically that's what we did in changing it to white..correct?

Regardless I am very grateful for your time and patience. I sincerely appreciate it.

I was going bonkers.

Thumbs up to ya!

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Rectangle Select around your signature.

Crop to selection.

Use Grim Color Reaper plugin, set to white.

Save As... PNG.

If that's not the result that you want, then a more

detailed description of the desired result will help.

When I follow these steps and open the end PNG - all I see a totally black image with no signature.

All assistance is appreciated.

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Is the PNG totally black if re-opened in Paint.NET?

No it is not.

I opened the png. The signature is clearly visible with the 'checkboard' in the background.

I just realized that I only have 1 layer (background) which is exactly following the prior directions.

Should I have 2 layers?

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