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Amazing Microsoft Paint Artwork

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Nice. But, what's the point? Better tools are available. :P

but the fact that he used paint, the most basic of all image software, makes it much better. seriously, what would make a more interesting story? a person wins the F1 grand prix on a tricycle or an F1 car?


The coolest Indian on Paint.NET

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However, this rule does not apply to The Overflow section of the forum.

:?: Now thats a loophole which should be closed. :?:

Actually if I remember correctly that "loophole" has been opened since I have joined, and since I make regular checkups on the rules when that little range thing says something has been changed I am aware of it. In my opinion if ya'll are so worried about necroposting then let it die instead of keeping the post on top by telling people about it.

Anyway the artwork is top notch and verrry impressive, wow done with paint.... and I may never have seen it if this topic haden't been risen from the dead :lol:

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