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Transperency Issue with creating sprites

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Hi. I'm using this software to create sprites for a game I'm writing for Wii Game Stuidio. The problem is I am following the following procedures to make my sprites transparent. The last step involves hitting the delete key. In many cases it's deleting my entire sprite, not just the selected background. If I retry several times it eventually works.

Using this tutorial:

http://timstall.dotnetdevelopersjournal ... intnet.htm

Again most of the time the entire image ends up being checkered instead of the selected color. That is always a uniform color around the image with a different color so that's why I'm thinking this may be a bug. If the tutorial is missing a step I would like to know. I appreciate what you folks do for this tool. Thanks!


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couple of things could make it all disappear when you hit delete.

#1 you have colored area selected instead of the area you want to be transparent.

#2 you haven't set the tolerance to 0

also I note on that tut the person wants you to do each of those transparent areas selections. if you change the tolerance to 0 and the next tab to that from flood to global you will get all the transparent areas in one go.

screen shot image of what you are starting with would help.

pinpoint where you are going wrong.

ciao OMA

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Hey that works great thanks. I do have one other question. I can start another thread if need be. here is my situation:

In order to create a sprite I download a sprite sheet of say mario characters.

I have to manually cut each out and resize them correctly

each sprint character must have a pixel size in multiples of 4. So the width and hight of a mario walking needs to be 34x34 pixels.

Without playing around with it is there an easy way to do this w/o having to use the rectangular tool and "eye it". It's very combersome this way. I was looking for a sprite splitter tool but can't find one that works well. Thanks!

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