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Bloody beginner's questions: How to fill in a text?

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I would like to create a flyer. I managed already to cut out from a photo a smaller rectangle, so that the rest of the picture remains as a frame. Then I filled the cut out with white color. Now I am wondering how I can transport my text (written with MS word) right there?

In the future I would also like to create a "more advanced" flyer with a frame created out of pictures in cube in the same size or - what might look ways better - with pictures which are turned a little bit and are overlapping, so that there is no plain rectangle in the middle but jags (difficult to explain, sorry).

I appreciate any help!

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Firstly welcome to PDN!

When I first read your question I thought you wanted to fill existing text with colour.

Ok, so you now have a space that you want to fill with text from WORD.

I recommend that you always use a new layer for each thing that you do so that if you want to change something you can do it easily because it is on its own layer. This will be very important for your next flyer project.

I am not sure if the latest version of PDN supports copy/paste. I have Office 2000 & a previous version of PDN.

On a new layer paste the text copied from WORD. It may ask you if you want to expand the canvas. It's probably better not to expand the canvas as you will have to resize all of the photo etc. If the text being pasted is larger than the canvas, reduce the view so that you can see the entire canvas. Try holding down the shift key & scrolling. Then you can see the whole image, you should have a marquee around the text & you can resize it the same as a text box in WORD.

See how you go with that & please ask if you need any further help.

I'd like to point out too that the first word in your subject line may generate a caution from the moderators as this is a family friendly forum. Please edit it.

Again, please don't be afraid to ask or PM me if you prefer. I look forward to seeing your creation.


Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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Don't work over PMs, please. Keep it in the clear so it can help other people, too.


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