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fixing black & white picture

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i am writing to you because i am trying to repair some old black & white that have some scratches on them i went to the section (fixing a damaged photoclick to view and started to follow the instructions ,and download the plugins that it ask for,threshold,and alpha mask tool in the tutorial it said( First on the list often, is to remove the background and replace it with something similar to what once was. start by creating a mask by using Effects/Colour/”Threshold”, and choose the best BW that isolates what you would like to keep. Adjust it with a black or white paintbrush until the image is completely divided. Save this layer as a bmp file then using the Effects/Tools/”Alpha-Mask Tool” locate and insert your new mask onto a duplicated image of the original.) so i go to effects ,no colour and threshold .i found threshold in (adjustments )in adjusrment i have color match,and color balance is one of them it ,or do i have to download something else. then i got to effects tool and no alpha mask tool what is there is draw with custom brushes mini .alpha mask toolis down below tools is this right ?or did i download something wrong.this looks like it will be a good program once i figure it out. i try even to uninstall pant .nei and reinstall paint.net and threshold is in adjusment and now tool is gone :(:roll:

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