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Wouldn't a 3-D Plugin be awesome?

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Following This tutorial, wouldnt is be fantastic to have a Plugin that does that?

Frankly, all it does is RGB one layer red and one blue, and shift them a couple pixels to the side. That plugin could have a slider to change how far left or right they go, and maybe a check box to crop the image to the 3-D'd dimensions.

W-what? Don't look at me. I can't do it. :|

Can you??? :lol:



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That tutorial does not create a 3D image, it just raises or lowers the plane of the image relative to the screen. There is no depth within the image itself. Think of it like picking up a photograph and bringing it closer to your face. It's 3D relative to the table it was sitting on, but the image itself is still flat. For a 3D image, you need two separate images from different camera or render angles.

Rick, he was talking about anaglyph images :P


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