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Save selection, how?

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New Paint user, long time Paintshop pro user.

I've searched the forums, read the FAQ and requested features (so I know there isn't a selection tool implemented yet). That said there are some thing we can do with selections, so just to make sure, I'll ask:

Is it possible to save your selection for use in other layers or pics?

(PSP equivilant would be save to alpha channel)

Thanks for your time

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I can't think of a workaround to save them as files, but:

When you switch between layers, the selection is preserved.

To copy the selection between images in Paint.NET's TDI:

1. Create a new layer and copy it normally.

2. Switch to the other image.

3. Press Ctrl-Shift-V and delete the new layer.

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The closest workaround for saving a selection for re-use would

be to make a new (transparent) layer, and fill the selection

using the Paintbucket tool while holding the Shift key down.

In the Layers window remove the checkmark to make the layer not visible.

This layer can be used to recreate the selection at will by using the

Magic Wand tool while holding the Shift key down.

To save this layer as a file to be

imported into other project files:

Copy the layer to the Clipboard -

Ctrl A

Ctrl C

Paste it into a new file -

Ctrl+Alt V

Save As.... PNG.

To later bring it into a Paint.NET file-

In the top menu:

Layers > Import From File...

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Thanks for the replies.

Now, all I have to do is wai for a proper selection toolbox to be implemented in PnD.

I really miss the grow/contract selection feature from PSP, plus the feather selection plugin isn't quite what I hoped for.

*crosses finger*


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Thanks for that link @freakingid, and welcome to the forum.

Around here we have rules against reviving old (dead) topics. This threads previous post was back in February, so that counts as being as dead as a very dead thing.

You can find many more interesting and important rules here. They are considered essential reading for forum users boltbait.wink.png .


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