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easy ways to make a webpage?


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Dreamweaver is a wygiwyg editor but if you want a free wysiwyg editor try Nvu. Using a wysiwyg editor is ok but you need to also know HTML and CSS in my opinion for times you want to just make a quick change and don't have access to your usual editor.

To many so called web designers just install Frontpage and use templates then charge ridiculous amounts for the sites.

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I have learned HTML, but all these random people that critiq my site say, learn xhtml, css, java, and use flash... but thats a lot! what should i do? stick with html? or learn all these things, and yes, i have Macromedia Flash MX...

I hear this is a pretty easy way to make web pages:


Click to play:
Download: BoltBait's Plugin Pack | CodeLab | and how about a Computer Dominos Game

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Yes Google does make making web pages easy.

If you are new to making web pages I'd recommend either diving in their and writing them by hand (like I did) or downloading a wysiwyg editor such as Nvu and making webpages that way BUT also look at the code and learn how it works. Also remember that not everyone has broadband so try and keep the amount of images on a page to a minimum and optimise the images you do have.

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But now there is this coming out:

http://www.microsoft.com/products/expre ... fault.mspx

Expression Web Designer looks a lot like a renamed and upgraded FrontPage. I don't know if it's based on the same code, however.

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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Well it will be a different program from photoshop.

My main reason for getting it if I do would be the ability to combine vector layers and pixel layers.

I could always just run Photoshop and Illustrator at the same time and import files though.

I saw something about a .NET 3.0 package, what is with that Rick?

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just to put it out there i use first page 2006

it is ok i like it better then just using notpage seens with it i can see what i have done with out saving it then opening it

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