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Having A lot of Bleeding

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I guess it is called bleeding, but here is what I am having an issue with.

I have an Text that is the form of an Image. The text currently is in Black, but they want it in RED. So I use the Wizard Tool Select Each Letter and Fill with red.

The Image is about 10x bigger than the picture I am to insert it ontop of, so I resize the Text image, it looks good, Save the Combined images as a JPEG, then when I open the JPEG, the RED does not look sharp, or is bleeding.

Any Help would be appreciated.



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Why not create a new layer over the background image and retype the text in red?

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WOW, the png file looks a whole hell of a lot better!!

Thats a great idea, I saved the template itself as a png, then tried applying it over the jpg file and saving as a jpg and it still looked bad.

but then I tried saving the combined as a png file and the difference is amazing!!

ideally it would be better to have it be jpg as it is going on the internet, but I will see if this will work.

Any way to make the edges, and the overall graphics a little sharper?? I tried the sharpening tool but that is probably not what I want.



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