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Custom Brushes Mini not working...

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Hey guys!

Interesting issue (for me anyway) I was having no problem with the old Custom Brushes, however, since updating the last 3 times you've updated Paint.net, and installing Custom Brushes Mini, I just haven't been able to use my awesome brushes (and I have a lot I would love to put to use) The program freezes and shuts down every single time I click on Custom Brushes Mini. I have 4 book covers to create and a website to get up this month...please help me out with this! (and yes, I've run the repair utility)

Carolanne :roll:

By the way, I've actually been using Paint.net for over 3 years. I own Adobe CS3 Master Collection, but never use it cuz I luv Paint.net!

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The first time I open Custom Brushes it wants me to update the plug-in. (I am using the newest plug-in) and then I get the message there is an error and do I want to continue the program. Of course I always say yes and can then go in and use the Custom Brushes as I would normally.

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