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Fire text


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We gonna make a image like this:


Step 1: Color the background black and make a new layer


Step 2: Type some text in red color. Go to Effects>Blurs>Gaussin blur and set it on 8


Step 3: Go to Effects>Blurs>Motion Blur set angle on 0 and distance 20


Step 4: Go to Effects>Distort>Dents set Scale on 25, Refraction on 50, Roughness on 10, Tension on 10 and Quality on 2.


Step 5: Make a new layer and type the same text as before in orange.


Step 6: Move the orange text to the red with Move selected Pixels tool.


Step 7: Press ENTER and go to Effects>Blur>Gaussin Blur and set it on 6


Step 8: Go to Effects>Distort>Frosted Glass and set Maximum scatter on 4 and Minimum scatter on 0 and set Smoothness on 2 and move layer down.


Step 9: Go to layer 1 and color the background white or delete it!




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Tutorial guidelines:

-1a. Screenshots must be .GIF or .JPG files less than 800 pixels at their largest dimension.

4. Always use search before writing tutorials, to see if it has been done before. (Forum search or Google Custom Search)

-5a. Don't write tutorials on something everyone can learn by fiddling with effects. If it just takes a couple clicks, don't post it.

6. Please don't be in a rush to write tutorials. As a rule of thumb, if you have very few posts (i.e. only a few dozen), think twice before posting a tutorial. As BoltBait famously wrote, "Noobs should be reading tutorials, not writing them." Stick around and learn more before trying to teach; Paint.NET is far more powerful than you think! Start posting your work in the Pictorium, and if your work really wows us, many users will ask you for a tutorial.

10. By and large, you should lean toward publishing tutorials that depict concepts and procedures well, and not just a specific result.

1a: Your images are too large.

4: There are already lots of "fire text" tutorials.

5a: It really is just frosted glass over coloured text. It's a nice effect but a simple one.

6: You have one post, this one - it's a little early to be jumping in to tutorials.

10: It is a specific result is it not?

As I said, it is a nice effect and you have laid it out very clearly and nicely. However I don't think it worthy of a stand alone tutorial. Please read the tutorial guidelines (link in the orange box above).

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