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Long shot request

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Is there a way on Paint.net to create pieces of art similar to Ryan Church's Style of art?



The "How I work" section of his site


He uses both Painter X and Photoshop. Both of which are too expensive for me to consider getting.

Would it be too much to expect of Paint.net to be able to use the brushes, or similar brushes?

Another example of the style I am looking to recreate is Frank Hong's work, such as:


I adore this style of art and I would be overjoyed to be able to reasonably skilled in it.

Currently I am stuck with everything looking a bit 2-D and nothing looking realistic


Thank you very much to anyone who can help a bit.

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Can you do that with paint on canvas? If so, you'll probably be able to do it in Paint.NET.


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Can you do that with paint on canvas? If so, you'll probably be able to do it in Paint.NET.

I can have no trouble in hand drawing it until it gets to the colouring, since painting was never really my forte and I don't have the paints to try it.

There is a way ... very, very time consuming though, and quite an experience of PDN needed ... Check out mine, Yellowman's , GoonFella's galleries; I think we've all made passable spacecraft.

Then there's the spacescapes of YM and Goon' ... not forgetting Commander Sozo, 007 Nab,Flip, ---- Flip and Frozen Byte have great tutorials ...

Anyone else care to recommend someone who may be able to help ?

I am happy for something like this to take time.

Also its not just Spaces scapes N such I want.

I'm looking to capture the style which the art is drawn with.

Like, the messy over lapping colours that make it all so realistic.

Another good example of his work:


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