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identifying techniques used

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New to PdN and to art in general so please be understanding if my question is really tedious and obvious

I want to replicate an effect I have seen, but I don't understand enough to identify how it has been created. I've read through a lot of tutorials here but all of them assume a basic level of knowledge I just don't possess. What I want to do is to turn a photo into a picture, like the blue image at the top of each page on this site www.desma.de

I think I follow the tutorial regarding levels and I think this is what I need to do, but (apart from asking the creator of the site), how do I identify what has been done and go about undertaking it myself?

Thank you for reading

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...turn a photo into a picture, like the blue image...

If you want to duplicate it; make 3 layers, draw a blue gradient on the first, horizontal lines on the second and put your photo in the 3rd.

Distort the lines.

Open layer properties on your photo layer and lines layer and set the transparency value.




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