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Dr. Agon

The Haxxor Effect!

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Love the Tutorial, Although I did run into a few problems.

When I was trying to use hue and saturation the color did not change at all, and I had already deselected the portrait.

Sepia did nothing to the image.

The way I found to get around this was while there was still a transparent background, you hold shift and use to the magic wand on the white portion of the seismograph. After this you go into color balance/tint and change the color that way.

Regardless, I love this tutorial because it gave me a use for the seismograph effect and an easy way to make pictures look digital.

So here is my attempt at a haxxor effect.


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<3 @Dr. Agon! Thank you so much for your effort. :cake: :coffee:  Sorry! I don't want to edit my own image. :) 





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