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WMF (Windows Metafile) file type plugin v1.3.1

Bruce Bowyer-Smyth

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WMF (Windows Metafile) file import plugin.

Download WMF Paint.NET Plugin

This plugin interprets the WMF record structure using 100% .NET code and uses WPF as the rendering engine. The main code behind this is the WMF2WPF library and with this plugin Paint.NET now has the ability to open metafiles.

Note this does not turn Paint.NET into a vector editor. WMF files will open just as they do in MS Paint, as a raster image, but will typically look nicer using this plugin due to anti-aliasing. Images must be saved as a different file format like png for example. I have made it so that a metafile will open with two layers, a white background and a second layer with the main image. Hide the background layer to use the image with transparency (if the image has it).


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Bruce, this plugin works with all of the WMF files I have tried. Very nice.

The images always comes out the same size, sometimes smaller than I would like.

Since these are vector commands, could they be made to generate the image to fit in the size of the currently open canvas?



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Pleabo, The image size comes from the metafile itself. They typically contain recommended dimensions to place the vector image into.

I have considered displaying an import settings window on file open where you could set the scaling and background behaviour but thought that it may become annoying being shown every time. Maybe when the Paint.NET v4 settings dialog comes along I can do something there.

File type plugins get handed the file that was opened and return a Paint.NET document based off that file. I don't think I can access any other application state like the currently open canvas.

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