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I've been glued to my computer since I found paint.NET...

(have tried several other programs before, but never really gotten motivated enough to work my way into any)

...mostly working through some interesting tuts, just to get started.

For my first picture, however, I wanted to post something of my own:



self portraits

Hidden Content:
man of watermanofwater.jpg

old sig garbage bin

Hidden Content:


coffee "art"

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Thank's for the feedback, welshblue!

I slowed down the heartflasher, and I agree it looks better...

(removed intermediate version)

...I don't have the original file on my homecomputer so adding frames would be more complicated, but I may try that too sometimes next week, if I have a slow moment at work!

Allright, here's how it looks after I followed your suggestions, welshblue:


I appreciate your help!

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Man of Water looks interesting. Cool concept!

As for adding to the first post, that is a good idea. I've set my gallery out so that the new images are at the very top & I have a title bar for the different categories. I used Goonfella's concept & there are a few others that have done that too. Makes for a clean gallery.

Good to see you trying out new things.


Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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