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Paint.net shutting down ~ update2


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thank you for your tip, rationally thinking, I hear what your saying,

sp1, is the first orginal version or an update to the dotnetfx3.5...

EDIT>: I have downloaded dotnetfx35.exe SP1! installing shortly.

EDIT>: I have installed SP1, successfull installation of PAINT.NET!

Thank you!

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Well.. I got a new problem now... I have installed 3.5.2 and when I run the application, it works,

then I open a file up and save it, and the whole program shuts down just as it starts to compute?

EDIT>: I have even uninstalled 3.5.2. and installed 3.5.1 and still the same problem, I did try to

create a new file and it saved normally...

EDIT>: I have tried another saving format in other than DDS, and it doesnt crash, going to uninstall

dds thumbnail viewer...

EDIT>: I have uninstalled dds thumbnail view, still using 3.5.1, same problem saving dds, going to

uninstall, I dont know what is the problem is...

EDIT>: I have reviewed the forum, I have found the PaintDotNet.Native.x86.dll file, it should work !

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So your problem stems from saving a DDS? Try reading this: http://blog.getpaint.net/2010/01/07/how ... tnet-v35x/

At the end, Rick mentions (and links to) a patch that he has uploaded.

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ok, I dont know if the paintdotnet file had anything to with it, because it was the same problem,

yet I had an old 3.5.1 install sitting on the drive, and I inputed the old ddsfiletype.dll in the new

3.5.2 filetype folder and it works.

EDIT>: ok so it didnt work, I did try to save a new bmp to dds and it worked, yet in opening an dds

file to save or from an old bmp/jpg, it shuts down silently, and yes using an old backup computer

1100mhz p3.

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