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Cutting out images

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Listen, I'm sorry - let me just say it in advance - I'm sure there must be threads that explain exactly what I'm about to ask now ... I just have not been able to locate them :-/

I've tried everything, it seems - but I just can't seem to find a cut out tool that works like in Photoshop.

Here is what I'm looking for:

A cut-out tool that let's me use the mouse to click off multiple points that together form whatever shape I need to cut out of an image - and only when the points finally connect (and the shape thus is completed) is the image ready for removal/copy. It could be masking off the head of a person on a photo etc. The lasso selection tool offers some of the functionality I'm looking for - but what I need is the possibility of clicking off many points along the way, which will eventually form the shape I wish to mask off - the lasso selection tool doesn't offer the possibility to click off points along the way, you need to move it with the mouse button held down all the time. The moment you let go, the program assumes you have arrived at the shape you wish. It also makes it impossible to correct selection mistakes as they happen - you need to start from scratch every time. That's why a point-and-click-point-and-click-point-and-click selection tool would be awesome.

I'm not even sure the above explanation makes any sense to anyone else but me - but I hope so.

Can anyone help me? Does the program offer such a tool/setting?



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