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Making ribbons - is it possible?

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using PDN ?


I have searched the site and the web looking for information on how to create wavy ribbons using PDN like the one above in red but have had no luck.

Is this possible ? if so could someone please explain or refer me to a tut, I have made a logo to print up some t-shirts for my website but would like to dress it up a bit.

Thanks in advance

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yes, it's possible...don't think there's any plugins to automate it, yet it took me about 5 minutes to get this far


using line tool, panelling plugin, mirror plugin, rounded rectangle and move tool...if the separate components are on different layers, it makes erasing overlapping parts easy by magic-wand selecting one layer and using erasing in the selection on a different layer

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It's possible, but is one of those things that gets better the more time you spend making it i guess.

Here's one way:


1. Draw the different "levels of ribbon" on different layers using line tool and fill with paint bucket. Here I've used three separate layers for the three folds.

2. Duplicate each of the layers and invert the color. Then you have the same shape only white instead of black in my example. Use the gradient tool :GradientTool: with transparency :AlphaChannel: and make the variations in light and shadow. (I also made the black lighter and the white darker)

3. Now your folding ribbon will probably not fit together in all the places, so using brush tool try correcting the minor flaws between the folds. I also added color using curves RGB and made some other minor adjustments.

Like I said, the more time you spend the better it gets.

Here's one attempt I did, spending a bit more time:


Hope this is understandable and a bit helpful :)

Good luck

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