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Digital Negative (DNG) Support

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I note in your features list item that you posted Rick, you do not intend to support RAW format any time soon, I kind of understand that as the diffrent versions that are about are huge. Adobe are providing a lot of support to get the DGN format adopted, so is there any chance that Digital Negative (DNG) format might find its way into Paint.net? As I understand it if Adobe have their way this will be the standardisation of Raw I am aware that camera manufacturers are starting to support DGN.

Adobe provide a free Raw to DGN converter so half the works done.

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There's already a plugin that adds support for RAW Format, so of course you could take the long way of converting DNG to RAW and then oppenning them in paintdotnet...

one thing is that these formats are not widely used, compared to JPEGs and others.


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