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Does Paint.net automaticlly save back-ups?

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Hello all! I am not new to Paint.net but I have run across a problem(of course).

I have this program called Game Maker. You can google it but the name gives it away :wink:. Anyway, I linked up game maker with Paint.net so I can make sprites, backgrounds, etc, but unfortunately when I was finished with making my sprite I saved it and got out of Paint.net and it returned to game maker. To make a long description short, when it did return it messed it all up.

So here is the question. I DID save it before I closed paint.net but it "saved" it to game maker. So is there a way to retrieve that file in a back-up? Strangely enough when I go to the 'Open recent' menu it actually shows my file but won't let me into it. It says it can't find the file...

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Aww... thats a real bummer. Oh well, it's probably good that I have to redo it for I had the shading coming from only one corner so when the object rotated it would have a different light origin places making it weird for this game. :) The only regret is that I worked on it for 40 minutes... Thanks for your help.

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