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how to change an image to "high resolution"

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My friend Craig was interested in making some t-shirts with a low res image. He asked me if i could enlarge it and make it "high resolution" so that he could send it to the company for printing. I told him that I didn't know how. He said he went to someone else and they did it for him. Yesterday he had the printed shirts at his door step and they look great. The image covers the shirt from top to bottom.

This is the only image he had to work with, at this exact size.


How did it get bigger without distorting, blurring, etc?

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This sort of thing is impossible in general (lots of rants on the internet about the infamous CSI "Enhance Button"), but in this case, one can enlarge the image and then sharpen up the edges by using some sort of local or global contrast enhancement. Tanel made a "Local Contrast Enhancement" effect, global contrast enhancement can be achieved by playing around with the left-hand slider in the built-in "Levels" adjustment. There are probably other ways to do it, but I can't think of any off the top of my head.

Segment Image : Average Color (HSL) : Eigen Blur : []

Cool, new forum!

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I posted a tutorial called "DPI and YOU" - it's in the Newbie Playground of the Tutorials+ forum. Take a look.


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