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Windows XP x64 - On opening, toolbars expand to fill screen

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hey chaps,

I have Paint.net 3.52 (though experienced same issue with previous version) installed on a number of machines is running very reliably across the board, except on the one XP x64 workstation we're running, which whilst it does run has a very annoying, er, annoyance...

When you open the application the tool bars have a tendency to expand beyond what's reasonably required and fill the entire breadth of the monitor Paint.net is opened upon. (dual monitor set-up/CAD workstation Nvidia graphic card). They can be reverted back to original size by using right mouse>restore on the window bar. It's a minor gripe there's probably some easy fix for i imagine; has anyone come across this before, how does one permanently fix this, perhaps, or is this a bug that will be fixed in a later release???

thansk a lot :)


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