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Install error (at the very end)


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Hi there :)

Today I tried to run PDN after a while I haven't used it, but it didn't work. As soon as I opened it, it just crashed.

So I successfully uninstalled it, tried to install it again and had error 1603.

I followed all the instruction here http://paintdotnet.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=854 but still it didn't work.

I tried nearly everything:

- installed again .NET Framework, cleaned up with CCleaner, restarted my PC (Vista SP2) and tried again to install Paint.Net 3.5.2

- checked Windows Modules Installer (it was fine, set on Manual), rerun Paint.Net installer and, after all the installation process (I changed manually the folder for the installation as suggested in a topic in this forum) which seemed to be ok, I got this error "Paint.Net found an unhandled error and must be closed. Refer to the 'pdncrash.log', wich has been placed on your desktop, for more information. "

- run PdnRepair. Still unable to open it.

- run %localappdata%, folder deleted, pc restarted. Tried to install it again. Nope.

- uninstalled it again, restarted my pc, cleaned up with CCleaner, restored .NET Framework (just in case...), restarted (again! :\) the pc and tried to run the install file. Again, the installation seems to go ok but at the very end, when it finishes and I open Paint.Net, I got that error (""Paint.NET found an an unhandled error and must be closed").

At last, I uninstalled it again but I'm still unable to install and run it.

Any suggestion? It's drivin' me nuts :-?

(PS sorry for my bad English!)

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