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Problems with printing - size is off

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It was a little tricky on how to word the subject but this is the problem I am having:

I have many files saved as .pdn that I use to print Avery labels (30 per sheet address labels). I started with a photoshop template that I opened in PDN & had to tweak it a bit to get it to line up with the actual labels. I have many different files saved using that template and have printed onto the labels from it many times. (My girlfriend makes bath & body products so I have many labels saved for different products) I always uncheck fit picture to frame & it prints perfect. Now when I print, they are way off (roughly 1/2" all the way around). When I keep fit picture to frame checked it still prints no good - cuts the sides off. I did upgrade from vista x64 to 7 x64 right before xmas but I am almost positive that I have printed labels since then. I have also installed windows live photo gallary (which I REALLY didn't want to, but MS decided to take out one of the few features that actually worked in vista which was the basic editing features such as crop in photo viewer) Any suggestions on what is causing this is very appreciated. At least it will give me a direction to further investigate. Thank you.

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Well I installed the plug-in & when I go to Effects--->Tools---->Printer+ then page setup. It shows a default margin of 1". That may be the problem I am having since I believe the default is usually 1/2". Unfortunatly, when I click the print button nothing happens (Layers are merged just as instructions described). I opened MSword & MSpaint and the margins are both set to 1/2" ?!?!?!?! I'm lost! I cannot access the margins through the default picture printer but I think that is where my problem lies.

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UPDATE: I still have not gotten PDN to print correctly. I installed Photoshop CS4 and tried to print an Avery label template (*.psd) and I am STILL having printing errors. The image is 11" x 8.5" but when I go to print at 100% it is larger than the paper. (see attached image) I came to the conclusion that the issue is not within PDN, but I have no idea what to do to correct it. (I like PDN interface much better than CS4 - especially the thumbnail views of open images up top). I am using Windows 7. If anyone one has any suggestions please let me know. Thanks.


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