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A thing of strange with thumbnails

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Hallo all!

Dont mind the title im medieval!

Anywhoes a strange thing, a question:

Say some one editis a photo and saves it then one wouldnt be able to view it as it was originally right?

Now iv got 2 photo`s, both edited, yet one of them shows the original in the windows preview... ((so its not double clicking but rather just once, windows then shows a small preview of the photo)) How is this to be?? Any one got an idea? So two photo`s, both edited, yet when you click the photo once, windows shows a small preview and there the photo is still in original? Any one knows why? And is there a program where in you could bypass the editis on photos? or restore?


medieval Alan.

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This happened to me as well! I edited a photo in Paint.NET, sent a copy to my girlfriend (via Windows Live Messenger), and on her end the thumbnail still displayed the original image. Refreshing the view didn't change it.

Forgot all about it until I read this. Couldn't fathom how it could have happened, I didn't even know that the thumbnail was attached to the image file itself. I can't remember exactly how I fixed it, but I know that I nuked the Windows thumbnail database at some point. You can do that by running "Disk Cleanup".

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