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The Matrix Effect (Long Tut)


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i've been fiddling around with Paint.NET, then one day, i decided i wanted to make myself look cool, so i changed this:

matrixor.jpg into this matrix7.1.jpg

the guy u see there is me :)


Outline Object

Color Tint or Color Filter


Step 1:

Get a good photo thats cool.


*Note you might want to touchup the photo first by following this tutorial - How to Airbrush like a Professional (let's try this again)

Step 2:

Use the Magic Wand and/or Lasso Tool to select the person you want to have the effect to be focused on.


Step 3:

Crop the image along with yr selection (Ctrl+Shift+X)


then use the feather tool withe the true feather option on to soften the edges (the default setting should be enough:


Step 4:

Look for a picture with rain against a solid background, i used the top bit of this pic:


Paste it onto a new layer of your Paint.NET project

Step 5:

Apply the ink sketch effect on the rain layer on full ink outline and none on colouring


then delete the white bits by using shift+magic wand on the white bit:


Cool eh?

Step 6:

Apply the Ink Sketch effect on the person layer and remove the black/white background:


Step 7:

Invert the colours of the rain layer and apply the Colour Tint effect on the rain, i chose green. You can adjust the colour further by using the hue/saturation and brightness/contrast function:


Step 8:

Make a new layer and move it to the bottom. Fill it black. Then outline the person using the outline effect with white with 0 softness. Put the rain layer on overlay.


Step 9 (long step):

To make your coat/clothes black, select the coat with the magic wand/lasso tool, copy it onto a new layer on top of the original and invert the colours (ctrl+shift+I)


Then use the darken effect in Adjustments


then sharpen it twice on full:


then outline it with a neon green


then you might wanna get rid of the bit of the outline where the coat and the head overlaps:


Recolour the white outline into the green previously used on the coat on the person layer (i also readjusted the brightness of the green rain here):


Step 10 (almost Done!):

Duplicate the rain layer and put it on top of the black background layer on the normal setting and darken it using the brightness/contrast function:


And there you have it! Your very own MATRIX poster of yourself!

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