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3.5.2 Install Error 1603


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I've seen that this problem has shown up a few times around here, and I've tried all the usual solutions, such as the Windows Installer Cleanup and whatnot. Obviously, these methods have failed. Here is the output from the PdnMsiInstall log file:

=== Logging started: 2010/01/17  4:22:34 ===
Error 1303. The installer has insufficient privileges to access this directory: C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\Native.x64.  The installation cannot continue.  Log on as administrator or contact your system administrator.
=== Logging stopped: 2010/01/17  4:22:49 ===

I then tried running the installer as Administrator, no dice. So, I attempt to modify permissions and take ownership of the Native.x64 folder. Not only can I apparently not do that, Windows cannot even tell me who exactly the owner of this folder is. I was not aware there were ANY files or folders that Administrator cannot in some way access. This folder is now impossible to access or remove by any user on the system. I could probably work around this issue by installing to a different directory, but I fear the same problem will creep up when it comes time to update THAT installation. Also, I find the idea of a permenantly immovable phantom folder on my system distasteful. Help me get rid of this.

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Well, I attempted System Restore, but it failed claiming that it was unable to access certain files, probably the ones I noted above. I ran a CHKDSK to correct any file system errors, and tried to delete the folders manually once again. It worked, I guess CHKDSK restores the proper ownership information to the folders that had apparently become corrupted. Thanks for the assistance, all is well now =)

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