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Newbie question on layers

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You can use the feather plugin by boltbait. click here for the link to the plugin

also this page explains how to install them Boltbait's guide to installing plugins

also you might wanna stop by the newbie section in the tutorials area there are many tutorials to get you started with paint.net.

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I am trying to do a B/W with color. The directions that I have found are confusing to me. Here's what I found. New layer, then duplicate layer. On 2nd layer run B/W, on the same layer rub out in places where you want the color. Ok, then that's where the instruction stopped. I have been trying this all day & cannot get it to work. What am I leaving out? Is the majic wand what tool I should be using?Sorry to look so dumb, but this is making no sense to me at all. Please give advise.

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Open your image in Paint.NET, make a duplicate layer,

then turn the top layer black-and-white.

Use the eraser tool :EraserTool: on the top B&W layer

to let the colored layer below show through.


Here's another way to get the same type of result :

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