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Silly Text Problem

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This should be so simple, but I am having no luck.

I am just starting with a new file. Then I copy and paste a few pics. Then I want to write on top of the pics. However, every time I do, the text doesn't show up. The cursor moves, I try changing colors, I try adding a layer and doing the text on that layer, I try putting each photo on a new layer then the text on a separate layer.

What am I doing wrong?


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if you have your layers window open look and see that you are not typing on a layer under the pictures. also one of the things that threw me at first if my image pasting in was smaller than the total size of the canvas was paste kept and active selection you have to deselect or else you can not type outside the box of your picture.

if that's not what is the problem let us know if you can provide a screen shot at the time of the problem we may be able to pick out any other little thing that could be effecting this.

ciao OMA

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